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"I want to express my appreciation for your generous support.  You have provided a young lady with a supply of new clothes for wear to school.  This was a confidence booster for her.  Her attitude carries over into her school work, social interactions an overall mood in the educational setting. You are not just providing clothes, but a whole new attitude."

--TriCounty Special Education Cooperative REACH Special Education Teacher Jennifer Bunton,  Murphysboro Middle School


“Thank you for the clothing purchased for our students.  You put a smile (among the tears of gratitude) on the mother's face when she was told of your assistance. She says thank you.  We say thank you!"

--Shawnee School Dist. Supt. Shelly Clover-Hill


“I know you sometimes don't get to see the results of all the good work you do, but I get to see it in my community.  Thank you for all you do for children.  Your foundation is truly a blessing to many families.” 

--Eldorado Unit 4 Schools Family Resource Developer Starla Yarber with Egyptian Health Department


“We would once again like to say 'Thank You' for coming to our help when asked.  You were there for us when we asked for aid for four of our students. By helping these students and families, their worries of providing for their children were lessened.  We are very grateful."

--West Frankfort Schools / John Wright, Anita Blackburn and Monica Forgatch


"Thank you for supporting students in Cobden and Southern Illinois as winter approaches. The Cobden Jr./Sr. High staff appreciate you." 

--Cobden Schools Counselor Charlee Forson 


“Thank you for being such a wonderful blessing for a family of six kids!!!!! The parents have been hard workers in the work force who have lost their jobs recently. They were overwhelmed by your kind generosity today! “ 

--Egyptian Health Department Family Resource Developer Carolyn Hoskins, Carmi / White County Schools


“I am writing to tell you about the children that you showed kindness towards. They are very appreciative of your generosity.  They included a mother in need of clothing for her children following a fire, and a disabled single father having difficulties affording clothes for his child.  Thank you so much. “ 

--Centerstone Services / Ella Kelly


“Thank you so much for the clothing you purchased for three families.  They were very excited to get pajamas, coats and other clothes.  Thank you again for your help with our teen-age parents and their children."  

--Williamson County Early Childhood Cooperative / Denise Basler


“Thank you again for providing new outfits this year for several of our East Side Elementary students.  I can tell you a burden was lifted for their parents. It truly helps them to feel like other children, and allows them to focus on learning and everyday happenings in the classroom and at school.” 

--Mark Scott , Principal



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