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Our organization: 


The Fowler Bonan Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, incorporated in the state of Illinois, whose primary mission is to provide clothing and shoes to low income children through the Clothes for SI Kids initiative and to provide hot meals to those in need through the Heaven’s Kitchen program.


The Foundation also assists, on a limited basis, families suffering temporary hardship due to disasters, such as fire or illness, as well as other youth-related charitable endeavors.


Our activities are presently conducted throughout Southern Illinois, with Heaven’s Kitchen operating in Harrisburg and Marion.


In 2020 over 600 kids and individuals were provided with full and partial wardrobes and over 17,000 meals served.


Founders/ Board Members


The Foundations co-founders are Dale Fowler and Bill Bonan, both of Harrisburg.


Board members:

  • Chairman Dale Fowler,

  • Vice Chairman Bill Bonan II,

  • Treasurer Bethany Shaw,

  • Marsha Collins, 

  • Bobbie Fox,

  • Marsha Hayes,

  • Michael Tison, and

  • Amanda Hunt 

Counties served include:


Alexander                       Union                    Hamilton                   Franklin

Jackson                          Pulaski                  Williamson               Saline

Jefferson                        Massac                 Pope                          Gallatin

Hardin                            Johnson                Wayne                       White







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